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The Diplomats

◦ Carrollton, Georgia based male quartet started in 1968 out of First Baptist Church in Woodstock, GA.  Jim Pearson was the original lead singer for the group.  They traveled as a male quartet many years until the group went in a different direction.   Jim met his wife Rita, now of 44 years, and she started singing as the alto.  The group then became a mixed quartet and was nominated by the Singing News Fan Awards as favorite mixed group. Along came their son Corey, and he became the group’s drummer and soon after bass player.  The Diplomats have always had a live band.  After Rita’s commitment to the ministry for 43 years she came off the road due to some medical issues.  However, she is still a part of the group but from home.  In other words, she’s still the boss. Jim and Corey decided it was time to go back to the way the quartet started. Harold Reed joined the Diplomats as their full time tenor.  He is no stranger to gospel music and noted as one of gospel music’s favorite tenors.  Making the complete quartet is Brandon Barry as the bass vocalist.  He is another great singer who is no stranger to gospel music.

We are so thankful to have such incrediblytalented musicians.  Jordan Hamby, the lead guitarist, not only plays lead guitar but also banjo and mandolin. Jordan grew up in a talented family from Helenwood, TN.  Our drummer, Drew McDowell, is from Ringgold, GA and has been playing drums most of his life.  We met Drew when he was around 10 years old while he was playing drums for his church.  Corey has since moved from playing bass to playing piano and singing lead.  When we needed a bass player we found one minutes down the road. TImmy Stephens and his family live in Villa Rica, GA. Timmy is also a very talented musician that plays many instruments.  

We are thankful for the gift of music and to be able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through song. Our hope is to bring the message of hope and grace to those who are lost.  To those who know Christ we want to bring you laughter and melodies of encouragement. Our goal is to WIN THE LOST AT ANY COST!

About Us

Dedicated! This is the main word to describe Jimmy. This quiet, reserved man saves his talking to emcee for the group. We feel that he not only has been blessed with a great voice and tremendous song writing ability, but he has the ability to connect with the people at our concerts. Jimmy started singing full-time when he was 17 years old. He has sang with The Americans and the original Diplomats and now heads the new Diplomats. Jimmy eats, sleeps, and lives Southern Gospel Music. He will travel anywhere to spread God’s message in song. Jimmy is really a true Diplomat.

Favorite Scripture: Psalms 23
Favorite Song: “Because He Lives”
Favorite Singer: Jay Berry

About Us

Some would say that the backbone of a group is it’s music and every band needs a leader. Corey is a superbly talented young man and our band leader. Corey started playing music at the age of 8 years old and started out playing drums for his mom and dad when he was 12. To name the instruments he can play would take too long to list, but he can take over any part that is needed. The biggest thing about Corey is his heart. He is lots of fun to be around and keeps us all in traction from laughing so hard. Corey and his beautiful wife Heather were married on December 12, 1998, and now live in Carrollton, Georgia.

Favorite Scripture: Book of James
Favorite Song: “In the Garden”
Favorite Singer: Mark Trammell
Favorite Musicians: Gary Jones and Randy “Scoot” Shelnut and Danny Crawford

About Us
About Us

Jordan is from Helenwood, TN. He plays guitar in the band. He accepted the Lord as his Savior when he was seven years old and is thankful for the many blessings God has given him. Jordan began playing guitar when he was 14 years old and started playing mandolin and banjo a few months later. He is blessed to be a part of a Christian family as well as a musical one. His family‘s group, The Singing Hambys, have been playing and singing gospel music for many years, so Jordan has been traveling since he was six days old, and once he learned to play he was able to join his family on stage. Jordan started filling in with a bluegrass gospel group, Lakeside, in 2009 on different instruments, and in late 2010 joined as a full-time member. “In April 2014 the Lord called me to the Diplomats Quartet. I truly believe this is where the Lord has led me at this point in my life and consider it an honor to be associated with Christian people and great musicians who make up the Diplomats.”

About Us
Timmy is from Villa Rica Georgia. He came from a very musical family. His dad has been a major influence in his life. Timmys dad and mom are great musicians and singers.  At a very early age growing up in church, he began playing in family group. Later started on drums at 9 then moved to bass at 13. Then started playing piano with another group at 15.
Timmy married the love of his life Lauren on March 29th, 2014. They live in Villa Rica Georgia. Their 2 greatest blessings are their twin girls Abigail and Klhoe.  Timmy loves to take the twins downstairs for them to play on their drums, guitar, keyboard, and microphone. They love music. It is pretty much an everyday thing we do now.
Our family also enjoys going to the lake and enjoy riding on our boat with the girls.  
Timmys says family time means everything to him. 
Scripture- Story of Samson
Favorite Musicians-
Corey Pearson 
Kevin “KC” Conley
Jesus Molina
Cory Henry